How can I see my test status?

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You can see your test status after logging in to the Genoplan website and app. 

The 'Test status' page displays the status of your sample as it moves through each step of the testing process, from kit registration to report release.

We send you an email every time your sample status is changed. Typically, the reports are available within ten business days upon the sample's arrival at our laboratory. 


Step 1: Kit registration complete

Before you return your sample, register your kit to your Genoplan account. 

All kits must be registered to initiate the testing process. 


Step 2: Sample arrived at the lab

Typically, your sample arrives at the lab in 2-3 weeks. The arrival time may vary depending on the delivery situation.  

When your sample arrives at our laboratory, it enters the queue for processing. It will be prepped for DNA extraction and amplification.


Step 3: Extracting DNA

We extract the DNA from your sample and amplify it before the genotyping process.

If your sample does not yield sufficient DNA, we send you a notification of DNA test failure through email. Click the link below and learn about the next steps in the case of test failure.  

What should I do when I get a notification of a DNA test failure?


Step 4: Genotyping in progress

Your DNA sample is genotyped in our lab in Fukuoka City, Japan (209 Fias, 4-1 Kyudai Shinmachi, Nishi-Ku, Fukuoka City, Japan).

Once your DNA is amplified and cut into pieces, they are applied to our custom microarray, which is a glass slide that allows us to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the individual genome. 


Step 5: Review

We review your test results to ensure the results match our internal quality standards. 


Step 6: Reports published

Once the reviewing process is done, your genetic test reports are made available on the website and app. 



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