What are the things I need to know before I read my reports?

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  1. The analysis conducted for the Genoplan DNA Test is called genotyping. Genotyping identifies genetic variants in the individuals' DNA associated with health conditions, traits, and ancestry.

  2. The Genoplan DNA Test is predictive genetic testing based on the latest scientific and medical research. The test cannot tell you anything about your current state of health.

  3. The Genoplan DNA Test provides information on whether you have genetic variants associated with certain health conditions. It cannot determine your overall risk of developing a disease.

  4. The Genoplan DNA Test does not identify all genetic variants associated with the diseases and traits. Genoplan's proprietary analysis algorithm for data interpretation is constantly updated based on the latest research findings, and the test results could change along with the updates.

  5. The list of the genetic variants for the test and the data interpretation algorithm are based on the latest research findings, and therefore, the results may vary from the test results of other genetic testing entities.

  6. The test is not intended to diagnose or treat diseases.

  7. The results cannot be used as a written diagnosis or prescription. For medical advice, please consult with your physician.

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